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St. Mery Slum School (HEIMA Trust)

Address:- ESTD -1986 FCRA -231650651 MCD Building bvk block Tigri delhi -62
HEALTH AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION is taking steps towards the children those are not getting proper Education just because of proper resources or study materials,Coaching,computer trainings are not avilable.Our organization is Approved a affiliated school which name is Sant.mery slums school.At this School There Are More than 300 students are from back ward villages not having proper resources Maximum of the students parents are uneducated not having proper income For their own survival.h.e.i.m.a is supporting such children's and giving them a new direction to increase their potentials. Now the part is funds for this student’s books n materials and regular meals, tuitions. The motive of our organization is to expand and make available quality education to children.

M Sure you are very much aware about the Rural areas where children’s are not getting such environment or resources to get proper learning this children’s and their families are behind from the current time we are trying to provide them computer training,english learning, coaching, with your Support only we can able to provide them proper environment of education where they can Learn, its doesn’t means their parents are not educated their child will not get the opportunity, there are peoples some of them I hope in your knowledge they made a bright future where their parents are not that much educated ,they made it because of some noble general persons ware behind them they always helped them to get the opportunity, glorious moment.M sure you know and believed Education is the best jewelry of human being.

St. Mery Slum School St. Mery Slum School St. Mery Slum School


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